The spark of the sea

Noctiluca candles burn bright with notes of night sea aroma, the sounds of waves, and the quiet power of mystery. These candles are designed for relaxation and meditation, to evoke feelings of calmness, inner peace, and spirituality. It’s perfect for a peaceful evening at home or on your terrace with friends.


I read by accident about the Noctiluca, one of the most commonly occurring bioluminescent organisms in coastal regions of the world during a night bloom, and I thought: "that's a cool name for a candle", so I became excited about designing the logo and the packaging.
I reinterpreted it as a sea firefly, which is more known than the Noctiluca appearance. The colors are dark and bright so it represents the sea and the blue sparkles of the bioluminescence. All this combined shows a mystery and relaxing candle.
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